Delivering groundbreaking therapies for autoimmune diseases & cancer.

Pathios Therapeutics is an early-stage drug discovery company pursuing novel small-molecule drugs that target acid-sensing GPCRs on cells of the adaptive and innate immune systems.

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At Pathios we are leveraging a proprietary understanding of pH signalling in immune cells based on a combination human genetics, transcriptomics and functional cellular immunology to deliver first-in-class and best-in-class medicines for autoimmune diseases and cancers.


Exploiting the acidic microenvironment inherent to inflammation and cancer

Many pathological environments are characterized by abnormally acidic pH. These include sites of inflammation in autoimmune disease and the tumour microenvironment. This altered pH is sensed by receptors on cells of both the adaptive and innate immune systems, leading to profound and unfavourable changes in the fate of these cells. Pathios is developing novel drugs to suppress this harmful signalling.


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Pathios is based in Oxford, UK and brings together a team of experienced scientific leaders to deliver new therapies in autoimmune diseases and cancer. Read about recent developments here.